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IAEM Annual Scientific Meeting & Conference

The Association currently holds its Annual Scientific Meeting and Conference in a different venue in Ireland each year. In its initial years the Association tended to hold its meetings at the Nuremore Hotel in Carrickmacross, Monaghan but since 1995 it has moved around the country.

Save the Date

The next Annual Scientific Meeting (2018) will take place in the Castleknock Hotel from 17th – 19th 2018 October.

See ASM2018 for more details.



Details of Previous Annual Meetings

IAEM 2016


20th – 21st October 2015

IAEM 2016

IAEM 2015


15th – 17th October 2015

   IAEM 2015

IAEM 2014

Dun Laoghaire

16th – 18th October 2014

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IAEM 2013


17th – 19th October 2013

 Read more…

IAEM 2012


19th – 20th October 2012

 Read more…

IAEM 2011


10th – 22nd October 2011

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IAEM 2010


14th – 16th October 2010

 Read more…

IAEM 2009


15th – 17th October 2009

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IAEM 2004 – 2009

IAEM Scientific


19th – 20th October 2012

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